Benchtops S&E Cabinets


Laminate Benchtops

Laminex benchtops bring families and moments together. With over 195 colours available including solid colours, woodgrains and patterns to choose from. Ideal in demanding environments, offering strength, durability and design.

Wilsonart Laminate offers ultimate design and budget flexibility. Offering residential and commercial laminates for your bench tops that come in a range of textures. An exciting combination of harmonious designs that fit an ever-changing market.

Polytec has all bases covered with an array of solutions in all decorative surface product sectors including laminate benchtops.

Formica Laminates feature a modern mix-and-match collection of multiple solids, patterns and woodgrains. Including over 130 modern colours to suit a wide variety of benchtop applications.

Engineered Stone Benchtops

Silestone is available in many colours, making sure that there is a colour for you and your kitchen. With 3 different textures to combine, polished, suede and volcano, there are endless possibilities for your benchtop.

Dekton provides strength and style to your benches, giving them an undeniable personality and unlimited practicality.

Caesarstone offers a range of stylish quartz surfaces which are ideal for a variety of kitchen applications including benchtops.

Quantum Quartz
Quantum Quartz is the designer’s and architect’s choice for a benchtop that is stylish, low in maintenance and ultra hygienic. Ideal for most residential and commercial indoor applications.

Natural Granite Benchtops

Granite is a solid formation of one or many minerals and is suitable for kitchen bench tops, vanities, staircases and more. Combining granite bench tops with our quality cabinets creates an elegant look that will last for years.

Solid Timber Benchtops

For a warm, natural look, timber bench tops are ideal. There is a wide range of timbers available in a variety of colours. The timber bench tops are finished in clear 2 pack polyurethane to ensure durability.